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1st. Respective Application for Pharmacists Only !

As we are building our respective community .. Registration is only with syndicate id card (كارنية النقابة العامة)

We are very concerned about quality not quantity and our aim is to build respective and closed pharmacists community.

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Where Pharmacists Come First !

The Reasons You’ll Love It


بيع الدواء اللى مش محتاجه
إشترى كل اللى انت

Rent or Sale Pharmacies

لو عاوز تبيع أو تؤجر صيدليتك

Need Staff

لو بتدور على صيادلة يشتغلوا معاك

Need job

لو بتدور علي شغل يناسب وقتك وخبرتك

Urgently Needed

 لو محتاج دواء و مش لاقية و مستعجل علية

Supplier Near me

تعرف على أهم وأقرب الشركات ليك

Drug Request

شوف إحتياجات الصيدليات وبيع اللى مش محتاجة

Wish List

أول ما يتوفر الدواء اللى بتدور علية هيجيلك رسالة

We Make Your life Easier

This Application is Made by

Pharmacists for Pharmacists ..

Welcome Home !

حَمِّل الآن من أسفل

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Cooperatives are everywhere! Why won’t we go faster than light?

Screenshot Candy

We are not the best yet in all ideas and functionality , but we are doing what it takes to BECOME ONE….

Who Are We

We do believe that small Pharmacies are facing huge challenges to communicate and to meet all their costumers needs while chains are growing and expanding every moment !

So as small pharmacies, we have limited choices to return our near expire products and we are forced to lose our money day by day .

So we came here to help you ,

Because we are a part of You !

Our Aim to build respective Platform

Ensure Privacy 100%
Pharmacy business to business Real Communications 100%
Respective Platform 100%
Get support to each other 100%

How to Register إزاي أسجل

Application overview 

How To Use The Application

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